Protecting your Porsche with Ceramic Pro Rosenberg Ceramic Coating Services

As a Porsche owner, there is no doubt that you want to preserve and protect the timeless, highest quality, and innovative design that this vehicle has to offer. Dealing with road and outside debris, keeping your paint in optimal condition, and protecting your interior can be a constant struggle for any Porsche owner.

So, with the many options out there, which direction do you go in?

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg our Ceramic Coating is a great way to start. As a long-time sponsor of the PCA, (Porsche Club of America), Ceramic Pro is leading the industry in paint protection and provides a professional level of protection that can’t be beaten.

Ceramic Pro Rosenberg Ceramic Coating Services

CERAMIC PRO IONporsche paint protection

Engineered specifically to protect and enhance vehicle surfaces, Ceramic Pro ION is an advanced ceramic coating that provides superior protection and enhancement for all types of vehicle surfaces. This innovative product has been engineered to protect against elements, including road debris, UV rays, and chemical staining. It also helps preserve the paint’s color and shine while providing a long-lasting layer of scratch resistance. Ceramic Pro ION is perfect for Porsche owners who want to keep their vehicle looking like new without having to constantly reapply wax or sealant treatments. With this professional-grade ceramic coating, you can enjoy years of beautiful paint with minimal maintenance!

The benefits of Ceramic Pro Ion:

STRENGTH – Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat offers TWICE as much protection as traditional 9H coatings.

ABRASION RESISTANCE – Ceramic Pro ION is the first engineered ceramic coating to have abrasion resistance engineered into its foundation. No other ceramic coating on the market carries these properties.

DENSITY – Ceramic Pro ION Coatings pack twice as much solid content per cubic ML meaning you get twice as much protection.

UNMATCHED HYDROPHOBICS – Ceramic Pro ION has RELENTLESS – water beading and sheeting. This is largely due to the structural change of Ceramic Pro ION. Liquids maintain a higher contact angle, thus reducing the tension between debris and the vehicle’s surface. This means your vehicle becomes easier to clean than ever before.

SHINE – Ceramic Pro Ion will not only provide great protection for your vehicle but, will enhance the look of the paint with superior gloss and a mirror-like finish.


Protecting your wheels and calipers from harmful road contaminants and brake dust allowing for an easier cleanup. A lasting protection that saves you time and stress while keeping your wheels looking new.

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-graffiti anti-fingerprint
  • Yellow discoloration proof
  • Chemical and UV Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance


Ceramic Pro Textile is a reliable inorganic compound. Ceramic Pro Textile modifies the surface of real textile or suede so that when liquids come in contact, it forms beads that simply roll off keeping the textile completely dry. Note: For synthetic fabrics use 9H, Top Coat, or Strong.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect – 140⁰ of water beads
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Repels Spills & Stains
  • Keeps Fibers Clean


Ceramic Pro Leather will preserve the factory look and feel as it slows down the aging process. The coating will prevent contaminants from staining the substrate.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Superior Wear Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Keeps Leather Soft
  • Preserves Factory Look & Feel


Ceramic Pro Glass is a coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability with a Super hydrophobic effect that allows water to simply bead up and flow off the glass while you are driving. Ceramic Pro Glass lasts for up to 12 months in automotive use.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Hydrophobic Effect – 115°
  • Fills Scratches and Swirl Marks
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Keeps Glass Cleaner
  • Allows Water to Roll off Glass
  • Anti-Icing

What will I achieve with a Porsche Ceramic Coating at Ceramic Pro Rosenberg?

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg – Elite Dealer, you will not only get first-class service but the highest quality products used on your vehicle. Our Ceramic coating service provides a semi-permanent layer of protection that can be bonded to your paint, glass, chrome, wheels, leather, textiles, and even plastic trim, and with our Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings, your Porsche will have the best protection.

Our coatings can be applied to virtually any surface to protect it from staining or premature aging and enhance the depth, shine, and gloss of the material it protects. It’s also easier to clean and maintain your vehicle while providing the ultimate protection in order to reduce exposure to weather, environmental damage, or those pesky spills while driving.

Contact Ceramic Pro Rosenberg to get your Porsche protected today!

If you are looking for even more protection, then take a look at our paint protection film service offering and give your vehicle the ultimate protection package!