Protect Your Boat With Ceramic Pro Marine Ceramic Coating

Did you know you can apply Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings to your new boat or any marine vessel? The same coating that vehicles have been using for years can now be applied to your boat. Ceramic coatings can provide superior protection for your gel coat surfaces to protect from everyday wear and tear including, contaminants, UV rays, oxidation, and any other damage that can be caused by the elements.

Whether you are on the water for business or pleasure, ceramic coating is a popular choice for boat owners that are wanting to protect, enhance and get peak performance throughout the season.

Here Are Some Key Points On Why You Should Consider Ceramic Coating Your Boat Or Any Marine Vessel:

Easy Maintenance:

Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic surface, which means they repel water and prevent contaminants from sticking to the surfaces of your boat. With the self-cleaning properties that make up Ceramic Pro Marine, dirt, fish grime and algae are no longer a problem and can be easily washed away by the water. Less time cleaning up means more time on the water!


Unlike traditional wax, marine ceramic coatings provide a strong and durable layer of protection against harmful UV rays from the sun, saltwater and environmental factors that can cause deformation and damage to your hull and its components over time. Rod holders, outriggers and exposed metals highly benefit from this protection as well.

Tired of always replacing upholstery and cushions? Ceramic Pro can protect from fading, oxidation, and stains. With UV ray shield technology your upholstery will remain protected for years. Plus, the hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Pro only requires a quick wash and wipe and the mess is gone.

Marine ceramic coating seals the pores giving a nice, hydrated finish and shine while protecting against staining, harsh chemicals, sunscreen, bird droppings, beverages and any other contaminants. It is the perfect solution to protecting your new gel coat for years.

Long Lasting, Enhanced Finish:

With proper maintenance, Ceramic coatings are durable and will last for several years giving your hull a high gloss, showroom finish that keeps your boat looking new longer. With high quality materials you will no longer have to worry about reapplying wax, sealant, or other protective coatings every season.

Even in saltwater, your boat’s surface will be protected from any harsh conditions that can affect your boats gel coat surfaces, marine paints, plastics, metal surfaces, or clear coat.

Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine Compared To Wax and Sealants

Let’s face it, polymer sealants and traditional wax and sealant just don’t hold up against the elements. They break down very quickly over the span of 3-6 months and essentially as soon as your vessel hits that water they start to deteriorate. These products don’t completely adhere to your gelcoat and lack protection on a molecular level, this makes maintenance a difficult process.

Ceramic Pro Marine is the best ceramic coating on the market. Made of the highest quality ceramic materials and newest technology, it provides a full layer of protection filling in gaps with a solid shield barrier creating an even level of protection on your gel coat. Ceramic Pro Marine has an unmatched surface hardness that provides excellent protection to keep your boats gloss looking new all season.

Preventing Things Before They Happen:

The best time to apply ceramic coating is on a new boat! In the first 4 to 6 months you are going to see the failing points of oxidation, corrosion, water spots and sticking of contaminants on your boat’s surface without a ceramic coating.

Overall, Ceramic coating your boat is going to provide you with a wide range of benefits including superior protection for up to two years, durability; as Ceramic Pro Marine is the strongest marine coating on the market, and a stunning gloss shine to make your boat stand out from the crowd and it requires little effort for your boat maintenance. Ceramic Pro’s quality and craft process make it a worthwhile investment for a boat of any kind in the long run.

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Where To Get A Marine Ceramic Coating

Finding a certified marine detailer is easy but finding the right ceramic coating is harder. Most wax and sealants used by marine detailers will only last a few months and do not provide the quality of protection that Ceramic Pro offers. With high quality products, quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and the best warranty on the market, you won’t find anything like Ceramic Pro Marine.

When you choose Ceramic Pro, you can guarantee more protection, a renowned manufacturer warranty, and the best ceramic coating on the market.