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Trusted Paint Protection Service near Cypress, TX

Welcome to Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, your premier destination for automotive paint protection, ceramic coating, window tinting, and vehicle wraps near Cypress, Texas. We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the beauty of your vehicle, ensuring it looks and performs its best on the roads of Cypress and beyond. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a daily commuter, or a proud owner of a luxury automobile, we have the expertise and solutions to meet your automotive protection needs.


Paint Protection Film Cypress, TX

Welcome to Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, your trusted source for top-notch paint protection film (PPF) services near Cypress, Texas. We understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an investment. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the ultimate protection against the everyday hazards that can damage your car’s paint. Learnmore about us today!

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Road Debris

Protect your car from gravel, rocks, and other debris that can chip or scratch your paint.

Insects and Bird Droppings

PPF makes it easy to clean off insect residue and bird droppings, preventing damage to your paint.

UV Rays

Shield your vehicle's paint from harmful UV rays that can cause fading and discoloration.

Chemical Stains

Keep corrosive chemicals, such as gasoline and harsh cleaning products, from harming your paint.

Minor Scratches

PPF can self-heal minor scratches and swirl marks, keeping your car looking pristine.

Our PPF Packages

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, we offer a range of PPF services tailored to your specific needs:

Full Vehicle Coverage

Protect your entire vehicle from bumper to bumper with our full coverage PPF.

Partial Coverage

Target high-impact areas like the front bumper, hood, and side mirrors with partial coverage.

Custom Solutions

We can create custom PPF packages to address your unique requirements.

Expert Installation

Our skilled technicians ensure a flawless and nearly invisible PPF application.


Ceramic Coating Cypress, TX

Experience the Ultimate in Vehicle Enhancement with Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating, commonly referred to as nano-coating or ceramic paint coating, is a game-changing protective solution that provides your vehicle with a durable, glossy finish while safeguarding it from various environmental factors.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

When you choose Ceramic Pro Rosenberg for ceramic coating, you benefit from:

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Achieve an impressive, showroom-worthy shine that lasts for years.

Ease of Maintenance

Say goodbye to constant waxing and polishing; ceramic coating simplifies cleaning.

Superior Protection

Protect your vehicle’s paint from dirt, stains, water spots, and UV rays.


Our ceramic coatings offer long-lasting protection, ensuring your vehicle looks its best for an extended period.

Our Ceramic Coating Packages

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, we offer a range of ceramic coating packages tailored to your needs:

Ceramic Pro Gold Package

Our flagship package provides your vehicle with the highest level of protection and shine. 

Ceramic Pro Silver Package

An excellent mid-tier option that enhances your vehicle’s appearance and protection.

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

Ideal for budget-conscious customers who still want impressive results.

Custom Solutions

We can tailor our ceramic coating services to suit your unique requirements.


Window Tint Cypress, TX

Enjoy a Cooler and More Comfortable Drive with Window Tint

Experience the benefits of window tinting for yourself at Ceramic Pro Rosenberg. Contact us today at (832) 605-6004 to schedule an appointment or learn more about how window tinting can enhance your driving experience.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting provides numerous benefits, including:

Solar Heat Rejection

Keep your vehicle cooler by blocking out the sun's heat and harmful UV rays.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Give your vehicle a sleek, stylish appearance with professionally installed window tint.


Increase privacy and security while reducing the visibility of the interior of your vehicle.

UV Protection

Protect yourself and your passengers from harmful UV radiation.

Our Window Tinting Packages

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, we offer a variety of window tint options to suit your preferences and needs:

Standard Tint

Our basic tint options provide excellent solar heat rejection and privacy.

Ceramic Tint

Enjoy the benefits of ceramic window tint, which offers superior heat rejection and UV protection.

Custom Tinting

We can customize the level of darkness and shade to meet your specific requirements.


Vehicle Wraps Cypress, TX

Transform Your Vehicle with Eye-Catching Wraps

Transform your vehicle and make a statement with our premium vehicle wrap services at Ceramic Pro Rosenberg. Contact us today at (832) 605-6004 to schedule an appointment or discuss your vehicle wrap needs.

Benefits of Vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps offer numerous advantages: 


Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard and promote your business wherever you go.


Protect your vehicle's original paint from minor scratches and stone chips.


Express your individual style and personality with a wide range of design options.

Resale Value

Preserve your vehicle's resale value by keeping the original paint in pristine condition.

Our Vehicle Wrap Packages

At Ceramic Pro Rosenberg, we offer a variety of vehicle wrap services to cater to your specific needs:

Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Advertise your business with professionally designed and installed wraps. 

Color Change Wraps

Completely change the look of your vehicle with a color change wrap.

Custom Graphics

Create custom graphics and designs to suit your personal or business needs.

Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians ensure flawless wrap application.


Windshield Protection Film Cypress, TX

An extra layer of protection between your car’s windshield and the environment

ExoShield Windshield Protection Film is a transparent film designed to protect car windshields from debris, rocks, and other environmental hazards that can cause chips, cracks, and overall damage.

Benefits of Windshield Protection Film

Windshield Protection Film provides numerous benefits, including:

No Delamination

10X better performance in even the most extreme climates.

No Yellowing

Ultra-durable surface that resists damage from UV or chemical exposure.

Long Lasting Protection

Superior scratch resistance for maximum durability in all environments.

Unmatched Clarity

It won’t obstruct your vision, impact sensor functionality, or interfere with your heads-up display.


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